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NOTE: Pot-Light is committed to helping growers with their rebate applications, which will significantly lower the initial cost of the lights you buy from us and, if you qualify, we can get you financing as well. Call us at 604-789-8357 and ask for Tony.

The Enlite SunDisk and the Sulis have DLC and IP66 ratings which makes them eligible for rebates wherever they exist. The electrical utilities in most States and Provinces give generous rebates which encourage consumers to switch to energy saving LED fixtures which consume less than half the power of traditional lights of all types.

Who Are Rebates For?
There is a good chance you are eligible for some rebate if you:
a. Are a licensed commercial vegetable or cannabis grower in your state or Province
b. Have an commercial electric account from your local utility
c. Plan to purchase more than 100 energy efficient lights (but have not done so yet!)

Why Would Utilities Pay Growers To Use Less Energy?
Cash rebates are paid by your local electric utility – yes the one that sends you a bill each month. Electric utilities pay you to reduce electric consumption because new dams, power plants, sub stations, and distribution networks are expensive. By investing in energy efficiency, utilities defer these capital investments, while meeting the energy needs of their other customers

Rebate Program


  • Cut the power consumption of conventional lights by 45%
  • Cut the heat of conventional lights by 75%
  • Cut the power consumption of air conditioning by 60%
  • Cut the overall cost of electrical consumption by 55%
  • Cut the cost of bulb replacements by 100% for the next ten years
  • Cut the labour cost of replacing bulbs by 100% for the next ten years
  • Are eligible for rebates of 20% to 50% from your local power utility
  • Will pay for themselves in two years or less
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