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The Enlite full spectrum lights were developed with the help of scientists at Cambridge University in England. We have supplied these lights to major greenhouse and indoor growers of vegetables and marijuana in England, Germany, the US and Canada. Check out the links below from operating grow ops:
SKY HIGH GARDENS – Tier 3 Grow Op, Seattle, Wa.
NEW LEAF ENTERPRISES – Tier 3 Grow Op, Seattle, Wa. 

Here is a recent report (from June 1/2018 ) on the harvesting results from the test of the Enlite SunDisk LED grow light, from Kevin Hildebrand, the head grower for New Leaf Enterprises which has a 30,000 square foot medicinal grow op.
Kevin has 6 years’ experience in medical marijuana production; his email below is to Yen Westholt, Enlite’s regional manager for Washington State.
Hello Yen, we harvested the row with your lights today.
The fresh weight from the LED’s was 6,370 grams.
Comparable weight from HID lamps was 5,842.5 grams.
Hard to say if it was a clear win, but I was really only wanting close to equal.
Good job!
It will take a couple of weeks to get final numbers of dry finished material.

The winner of the 2018 “Dope cup” (Millennium Green in Seattle, Washington) is our client, and says our lights are better than any they’ve tested. They have tested over 20 different LEDS so far. We have come out ahead, even and just a little behind 1000 W Gavitas depending on the strain. 20% ahead on CBDs for the Remedy strain from Millennium Green.

ENDORSEMENTS - Millennium Green

DOPE CUP awarded to company using Enlite's LEDs!


ENDORSEMENTS - Bubba/kush hybrid grown under Enlite Sun Disk LED's!

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