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Sulis Series

Sulis Lights are specifically designed to meet commercial growing standards.

These lights are “Heavy-Duty, and not the lightweight structures that most of other LED grow light brands are marketing.


Our housings, hardware, and mounting   brackets are all made from solid, and surprisingly heavy, materials, which enables smooth, dependable operation in harsh environments.


Our IP66 Ratings for Humidity and Dust protection, are very important as well due to the fact that Grow facilities are highly humid and dirty environments. If Grow Lights are not completely waterproof, it will be effect the lifespan of their LEDs.


Sulis has IP66 ratings, suitable for high humidity environments.


Uses patented heat dissipation. Provides an optimal level of cooling

without extra cooling fans and without extra components that decrease Photon Efficacy.


Flexible Modular design which allows for maximum light distribution and uniformity on any shape of Growing Bench and at any level of power consumption that you could wish for.


Suitable for wet, damp, harsh & dirty growing environments.

Fans have vents through which moisture can enter so no fan is going to last long in the wet, damp, & dirty environments.


Our Linear Design is flexible enough to fit into a small space or a large Green House where it won’t block the sunlight

Units in μmol / m² / s (i.e. PPFD = Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density)

Sulis 400W applied for Vegetative Period


  • Average PPFD: 550μmol/m2/S

  • Mounting Height: 2ft above canopy

  • Converge Area: 4ft x 4ft

  • CRI: 93 or above

  • Uniform light intensity


Dimmable Sulis light specifically made for greenhouses

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